“Who wants to play Backgammon?” Rees asked. Dylan and Rees look around expentently at the group. Elijah nods excitedly, Amara smiles good naturedly, Chris shrugs, and I want to run screaming into the woods, that however is subtext and instead I just look at them with my best I am trying to be a good sport face, and follow the guys as they make their way to the dining room.

Chris and Rees square off, while Dylan and Elijah square off. I am last to arrive and find myself the odd person out at the head of the table. As an after thought Dylan tells me I can play the next round. I shrug off his attempt to include me. I didn’t want to play some dumb game anyway, I think to myself. In my head I begin making all kinds of snarky remarks about stupid boys and their ridiculous need to turn everything into a pissing contest, including moving “stones” (making the quatations with my finger) around a cardboard board with triangles on it. I spend the next 20 minutes rolling my eyes, breathing as heavy as possible, and shaking my head. Because I am a expert multi-tasker I also am able to recognize that it takes strategy and certain skills to be able to win at Backgammon. However, I am still bored out of my mind. Finally, Elijah beats Dylan in the first game, and Rees suggests I play with Dylan. HELL NO I think. I don’t want anyone making a fool out of me, I already know I am not good at strategy games! I suggest Battleship instead, mainly cause I know it has more to do with chance than skill. I would rather everyone know I have bad luck, then no strategy skills.